O’dennis Daal

O’dennis Daal is a dedicated Life Coach that after finishing HBO management in the Netherlands he decided to return to Curacao. Realizing the importance of the human asset for companies he developed this increasing desire to start helping individuals. This became his passion.Nowadays he is influencing people to start to enhance  their standards that will induce to long lasting satisfaction in their metaphorical process. His charismatic way of communicating and simplistic way of letting people see the same situation from a positive perspective, has permitted him to make and be a difference in people’s life. Self discovery and self development were the gateway for discovery of his purpose and passion today to transform people’s life.  Since 2010 he is CEO of Master Your Mind Consultancy and Training that is responsible for guiding people to live a qualitative and purposeful life by creating a Spirit, Body, Mind and most important Emotional balance. Executing consultancy work for several companies and individuals, also speaking at several TV and Radio programs, he helps the community by expanding their awareness and knowledge. Transforming people’s knowledge into specific action that lead to their own happiness and that of others. Centenary of clients are known with the one on one consultancy services of MYM  but even more with the knowledge and experiences that MYM shares with them through seminars, workshops, trainings and the media.

Workshops themes: What you believe becomes your reality
By changing your perceptions, you will improve your attitudes and behaviors into more productive ones, and therefore improve your quality of life Sherlyne, O’dennis and Ivan have teamed up to develop this workshop. Attend the workshop given by them and learn the science of having it all.

Based on a clear and SMART expressing of your wants/goals/desires, and your ‘inspired’ actions, they will teach you:

  • Methods to better manage your thoughts, emotions and feelings
  • How to reprogram your dis-empowering beliefs and perceptions;
  • How to achieve the required behavioral changes, through a combination of affirmations, visualizations and processes through spaced repetition and belief modification techniques. All is aimed towards enhancing the quality of your life.

During this workshop you will be able to experience one of the behavioral change technique shared.

Day and time
Friday  27th November 2015: 13.30 – 15.30 PM

For registration please sent an E-mail to korra@share2uplift.org. Please fill in the name of the speaker, day and timeslot.

About Master Your Mind Consultancy and Training
Master Your Mind Consultancy and Training originated in 2010 from the daily coaching practices from the NLP-Master coaching and trainer O’dennis Daal. He has done extensive research on the needs of clients he encountered eagerly wanting to learn more about and develop themselves. Based on this research at Master Your Mind Consultancy they teach clients how to:

  • Change personal behavioral patterns.
  • Increase self awareness.
  • Tap into their true potentials.
  • Remove the limiting beliefs and fears that hold them back.
  • Raise their performance and value in life and at work.
  • Engage with their passion and purpose in life, including work.



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