Partners Share2Uplift Fund

With the Share2Uplift fund, we can help and finance development of the leadership skills of promising youth, NGO-leaders and starting entrepreneurs.

Support our next generation of leaders
It is the responsibility of all to prepare and enable the upgrade of the next generation of ethical leaders and the leadership in the NGO sector. You can collaborate with us by contributing to develop their leadership skills and knowledge. We need your support!

Why support Leadership Development?
• It is our responsibility to develop the next generation of leaders
• The world is rapidly changing and that requires well-educated leaders engrained with an eager mindset that are committed to continuously develop their leadership skills.
• Improved leadership skills of these leaders will increase their personal productivity, family life and organizational problem-solving capacity and therefore ultimately also their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their country.

Become a partner of the Share2Uplift Fund

It’s al about ‘givingism’© and giving opportunities. Our goal is to empower and align by the end of 2018, 250 ethical leaders from all walks of life with 21st-century mindsets. This will be realized by collaborating with all those that want to connect dots and align effort aimed at changing people’s mindsets. We are committed to maximizing the return on investment for your partnership. We will continuously work to ensure the success of our next generation.
We are looking for partners that want to co-invest via donations to this fund so as to make this fund a sustainable fund through the continuous collection of donations and contributions from the core group of share2uplift.

If you are interested and/or have any further questions, please feel free to contact us:
Ivan Kuster
T: (+5999) 698 6437

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