Our Team

Our team is a like-minded, positive group committed towards continuous life-long learning and growth, by sharing our wisdom and leading by example. We want to contribute to this much needed change management strategy to adapt the curriculum of the local educational institutions.

We are involved in Leading; Mentoring; Coaching; Healing.

Team members FLTR: Ivan, Haydee, Jamir, Sherlyne, o Dennis, Irmgard and Malcolm
Meet our core team members

Ivan Kuster | Jamir Bartono’Dennis Daal | Haydee Hermans | Sherlyne Eisden | Barbara LeighMalcolm Wilson | Irmgard Kuster

What makes us different?
We are focused on enabling our clients to change their behavior and habits in a sustainable way. By continuously investing in our best practice knowledge and skills we are able to offer best practices to our clients.

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