Community Influencers

As the Share2Uplift movement our goal for 2018 has been to identify 250 ethical leaders (Influencers) to be empowered by 21st century mindsets and are connected and collaborate with one another to create value for the whole of the society.

This goal has only been partially met. We now want to reach this goal by the end of 2020.

This is the list of the Influencers we have interviewed or reported on, up to now on the weekly Blogs of the Uplifting website:

01. Arrendell, Mishane
02. Augusta, Caprice
03. Barton, Jamir
04. Bishop, Leona
05. Blink, Martin van den
06. Colastica, Jessica
07. Con, Arthur
08. Countinho, Steven
09. Corsen, Daniel
10. Cijntje, John
11. Croes-Berg, Roxana
12. Daal, O’dennis
13. Daal, Natalie
14. Doran-Bakhuis, Shelomi
15. Doran,Thakaidzwa
16. Eisden, Sherlyne
17. ÆmyNiaFeliz
18. Fraay, Mistica
19. Hermans, Haydee
20. Hoek, Darrel
21. Jong, Boudino de
22. Leigh, Barbara
23. Neman, Bianca
24. Mathias, Maya
25. Monk, Victor
26. Peterson, Chris
27. Petronella, Saneleo
28. Pieternella, Elgenia
29. Kuster, Ivan
30. Kuster, Irmgard
31. Treurniet-Martis, Shirley 
32. Veur, Michiel van der
33. Wilson, Malcolm
34. Windt, Ivan de

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