Update interview Miguel Goede

Interview April 2021

Could you tell us what has happened since we interviewed you with regards to Vision Curaçao 2030 on the 2nd of March 2020? Or more exactly what has happened since 20-02-2020 when you presented ‘looking back and looking into the future”?
We presented and discussed the vision document and updated it five times to version 5.0. Several hundred citizens were involved, including the diaspora. After that, we prepared an implementation document named Moonshots and presented it to the participant. All these documents are public. Currently, groups are evolving around the moonshots, and we are executing.

You have also launched five moonshots in the past year. What is the reasoning behind these moonshots?

The moonshots are:

1 Clean Curaçao is circular Curaçao

2 Honesty Curaçao

3 Food security

4 Data-driven Island, the ICT sector

5 Promoting entrepreneurship (Food, Recycle).

What do you see as possible synergies between Vision Curaçao 2030 as we started to collaborate since late year?
2030 is a think tank focusing on the vision. Share2uplift is a platform of people who have the position and resources to implement the vision.

What are the next steps in creating more support, input and ultimately inspire actions in the direction of the vision 2030?
We will continue to inform society about the vision and the implementation. We are very selective about the interviews we give. We are looking for quality and impact. There is a nice publication coming up. We will keep you informed.

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