Influencer Lisandra Martis: spiritual and passionate

In this week’s blog (24th of January – 30th of January 2022), we will interview Lisandra Martis; we will invite you to our next MYM Book presentation on the 15th of February 2022; we will invite you to our next Personal Journey “Emoshon kiko e ta?” that starts in March. We will also share some short videos on ‘Otrobanda’, opportunity gaps, and Universal Basic Income. We will upload one of these videos every day on our page.

Could you share with us some information about your family life? Where were you born?
My name is Lisandra Martis. I was born in Curaçao and I am the youngest of the 3 daughters my parents had. My father was born in Bonaire and my mother was from the English-speaking part of Saint Martin. I have lived here in Curaçao most of my life and spent some time in the USA for my studies and then came back to Curaçao.

How supportive were your parents in letting you become who you are right now?
My mother was super supportive, we use to call her “the iron lady”, she could do it all. This is how we were brought up to do everything, from changing the tires of our car or doing something in the it we, can do it. She was our motivator and pusher to accomplish whatever we needed to do in life.

My mother, who passed away 3 years ago, was a very accomplished woman and she was very motivating to all the three of us, as sisters. Always pushing us to achieve more and we are very family-oriented. Every holiday when we were growing up, there was something to do. We have traveled a lot, seen a lot of the world and we have experienced different cultures, thanks to my mother’s efforts. She is responsible that we developed the same attitude in life that she had, that is always do anything you want to do in life in different areas. She had a nine to five job with the government and yet still managed extra in her off time.  For example, she never ordered food and favors for parties we had, as she would bake and cook anything she wanted. She was accomplished in so many areas.

Could you share something about your educational background and your experience?
When I left for the US, I intended to study physical therapy but after the pre-course, I decided to discontinue my studies and came back to Curaçao and made a big career change. I am currently a consultant, my company’s name is Mazeli Curaçao Consultants. It offers different services, and to be able to do that I have studied labor laws, a section of the fiscal law, management,  administration, bookkeeping, Labor Law related issues for example Human Resources and a broad variety of Tax Law & Social – Law related works. So my career path changed completely. I am also a very social person as this was part of our family and my upbringing. At a young age, I was involved in social activities as we were taught by my mother that it is important to offer a helping, especially for children in boarding schools.

How come your mother was so involved socially?
I am not sure where it came from but I grew up and experienced how my mother would use our house as a hub for anyone that needed a place to stay. The first people coming were through our family ties with family from Saint Martin, that came for their studies. Later on, it evolved with children that needed help, children in boarding schools. I have a lot of siblings through that program.

We know you to be active as a consultant in Mazeli Curaçao Consultants and work in the bario of Otrobanda? Can you expand a little on this, then what kind of work are you involved in?
The work in the bario is Volunteer work and or not directly related to my Company’s works.  There are times of course that an inhabitant gets volunteer help from my company’s services as part of the solution of their situation. The reason I got involved in Otrobanda? Well, my father’s family is originally from Otrobanda. I was born in Santa Helena. My parents had some businesses in Otrobanda when we were younger. We left Otrobanda, when I was young.

Kurt Schoop approached me and asked me to become President of the Federashon di Otrobanda because of my other social involvements, he figured it would be a good match.  The volunteer work in Otrobanda encompasses all that I ever developed qua Social skills in ONE.

 When I told my mother this she laughed: “The Youngest of my children, who had the least connection with Otrobanda, becoming president of Federashon di Otrobanda…”.

In the barrio | picture Facebook Kurt Schoop

I do this work voluntarily. Mazelli is where I earn my living as a consultant. Federashon Otrobanda (20) is the umbrella organization that represents inhabitants of Otrobanda, in 8+ Neighbourhoods organized in six organizational groups. 
Sosiedat Komersiante Otrobanda, (SKO) (70) – represents the Commercial sector in Otrobanda, 
Plataforma Otrobanda, (PO) (30) – deals mainly with Hygiene and Infrastructural issues in Otrobanda and is the predecessor of the Federashon Otrobanda. Read this short introduction of Federashon Otrobanda.

We believe in involving the Community, (inhabitants and the business owners), in the process of inventory and problem solving and execution of the issues in all five areas. We believe in educating and bringing awareness to the community, and so make them co-responsible to participate in the solutions for the issues. This helps in creating a community that co-educates each other, helps keep each other responsible, and helps create durable, sustainable solutions for our issues in our community. 

Otrobanda | Picture by IK

How it all started
A short history of how it all started is, SKO is an organization representing commerce in that area. As they started as an organized way back they soon were aware of the need to work with representatives of the inhabitants in the community, as the best way to deal with the needs of both, inhabitants and businesses. To address the needs and issues regarding infrastructure, security, health issues, and all else that influences the live style of the people living there.

Domi / San Mateo/ Baraltwijk Domi en San Mateo 
Kura I Shon Fil/ Kortijn/ Mgr. Nieuwindtstraat/ Panama/ Volksbond Seru Otrobanda/Kortijn 
Mundu Nobo en Juan Domingo Mundu Nobo en Juan Domingo bij Colon 
Rif bij Otrobanda Rif bij Otrobanda en Colon 
Ser’I Domi Ser’I Domi 
Ser’I Otrobanda/ Quinta Quinta/ Hulanda bij Ser’I Otrobanda 
Grupo Herensia Grandinan Aktivo  n/a
Sentro di Bario Otrobanda(SBO)  n/a
Plataforma Otrobanda(PO)  n/a
Otrobanda | Picture by IK

The area consists of 11 neighborhoods divided over 6 section leaders some dealing with two or 3 areas, as the modus operandi to manage the situation. This section leaders live there and have talked to inventories about what is needed in the infrastructure of the areas. All section leaders then come together to discuss what is needed and whatever is a priority will be taken to the government agencies for example. Some will require changes of policy from the government some might involve also new ideas. As part of the social development, social needs are also addressed, as the Sentro di Bario offers after-school programs but you might also have representatives of those that are 60 plus years old to deal with the needs of the elders. There are also teenagers and young mothers programs. There are around 5000 + people in the whole area but the number might vary due to the dynamic character of the migrants living in these areas, making that the total amount of inhabitants may vary drastically.

Geographically the areas you might find at CBS or the Police Department are different for us. The clue is our heritage.    We stimulate the areas to share information and collaborate for example Mundo Nobo with Charo and we also have a close relationship and exchange ideas with Plataforma Banda Abou.  We have met with Banda Ariba  to discuss this exchange. to see what we can learn from each other. We are also a member of  the Willemstad District platform, which consists of organizations of the four Downtown areas , Scharloo, Punda,Pietermaai  and Otrobanda.  Together we tackle Issues in common, mostly infrastructural issues and needs for the areas.

More info on:
– Watch the personal YouTube tip: Cities of Learning
– Also browse the pilot platform Curacao Region of Learning

What is your BIG WHY or driving motivation to be who you are right now?
I am a very creative person. I love doing things and learning more. It keeps you busy I am blessed with knowledge and I have different talents. So I am part of Amnesty International Curaçao, I work continuously on my personal development, as a member of Toast Masters, JCI, and recently Going back to my roots Kiwanis Curaçao.  My latest endeavor for the past 4 years is also a member of Stichting Curaçao Clean Up. 

Lisandra Martis is also a member of Stichting Curaçao Clean Up. Picture: Facebook Curaçao Clean Up

Being blessed with all the knowledge and talents I have, I need to share this with others.

My passion and organizational skill for social work began when I was at the secondary school at Radulphus College I was a member of the Key Club. I also serve at my church, reading the daily scripture and altar MC. the more I learn, the more I am becoming aware that it is not something to keep for myself. Being blessed with all the knowledge and talents I have, I need to share this with others. That is my Big Why.

What are your plans for the coming years and when do you consider that you have been successful in your personal and business/professional life, let us say 5 years from now?
Hard to say, as it is a continuum, it is not a stagnant pattern. As it is developing, I always set new goals. After I have reached my goal, I set up other things.

Like Mazelli my company is a brand. There are other branches of Mazelli in development. I am now working on other mazelli branches in my head and as I accomplish one, I will develop some of the other ideas I have and they are quite a few. I will in any case continue to be creative and do what I plan to do.

For now, regarding my social involvement, there are many and I am happy with this involvement.

Where do you want to be 10 years from now with your career?
At least two of those ideas that I have would have been materialized.

What are the challenges that you are dealing with? And how are you dealing with these different challenges you confront?
Time, I need more hours in a day. The one thing I do, some people need 8 hours of sleep and I know having enough sleep is very important. I do feel that I can do with less so that I have more time to work on the things I want to do.

Secondly, it is overcoming the initial phases of changes. Stepping into new challenges can also be scary, although change can be good. I need to deal with it correctly. I know that in the Holy Bible it is mentioned 365 times that we need not have fear, so for every day in the year, there is a motivating verse in the bible to help deal with that. So I am trying to learn to take it with me when dealing with the initial phases of change.

Do you use your inner voice to evaluate when dilemmas show up? How does that work for you?
My Inner Voice works wonders. I am a very spiritual person and at a young age, my inner voice was highly developed. I always follow my inner voice as I have learned that it is a tremendous guide for everything I do.

I follow my principal instinct, as it is always right. The inner voice shows you the way, but if you wait longer to decide than you start thinking and analyzing then you can get confused. In reality in the end this first thought, your gut feeling is something the Holy Spirit has put in us to put to use. It is not easy to do in actual life. This is something, I take with me as part of my decision-making process as I am a spiritual person, even if sometimes you don’t want to do it that is what comes up first.

How are you trying also to keep up with your knowledge and skills levels?
I keep up by continuing to develop myself in the organizations I am part of. I am also attending workshops in my areas of work like tax laws that change, but that is not the only thing that changes, even with the management of people, this changes. We are right in the middle of a pandemic now and this forced us to drastically change the way we are living and managing our businesses. It is a continuous process and you have to do these things to stay on top of your craft. I also do a lot of reading courses and that is how I develop myself.

What are your strengths?
Spirituality is my belief that there is something out that is much bigger than ourselves. Furthermore my creativity.And also my passion. Once I have decided to do something, I would do it with a lot of passion and I would be driven to do it for 200 %. Passion helps as a motivator, it helps a lot.

Do you have hobbies or interests that you are also passionate about?
Yes, I love anything entailing culinary art, it could be cooking, baking, and eating. I love everything that has to do with speed. The ocean, I love water, diving is one of my hobbies, I am not proficient at it yet, but I love it. Communication I also love this. It is not only presenting, writing but also teaching others the art of communication.  You have already achieved your goal of 75 % if you have mastered the art of communication.

If you as Lisandra would meet a stranger on the bus (let’s say in New York or Bogota Columbia) and they would ask you to introduce yourself, what would you answer?
My handshake establishes my personality. I would introduce myself with my full name usually, not only my first and my last name. My firm handshake establishes the beginning of the introductory phase of the conversation and I greet people with a smile almost always. 

How would you describe Lisandra in one word or one sentence?

Who are the persons that have inspired you the most in your career?
With regards to my social development, I would say the mentors I had during secondary school of Key Club/Kiwanis. They were the driving force in my social development. They took a lot of time to mentor us, inspired us to do social work in the community. They were the beginning and the basis and the inspiration of the social part of who I am now. In everything else in my life, even the social work of my mother.  To his day, even though she is not with us anymore I thank God for the Mother we were blessed with.  If I could choose again, I would not have it any other way.

What is a trait that is still a work in progress?

What was a defining moment in your life?
I have had a very challenging occurrence with my health 7 years ago and my most recently defining moment was the death of my mother.

What would you want your Loved Ones, family, friends, and others to say about you let’s say 20 years from now?
That I was always there for them and I showed loved and support. 

What makes you stay optimistic about the future of Curaçao as we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, recession, and in the middle of growing environmental challenges because of the global warming consequences?
It is what I tell all my nephews and nieces. This is my home, it is difficult at times. If you want to do something for yourself that is okay but get back to your own country.

Our people are so creative and so knowledgeable about a lot of things, but we don’t believe in ourselves enough to put our strengths to good use. And I know why. It has to do with the effects of colonialism that still affect us today. People don’t believe in themselves and they are looking outside themselves and outside of the country for solutions. Because of their lack of self-esteem, they don’t give themselves enough credit for their talents. I believe that we need to believe more in ourselves, as that is the solution for the different challenges we face. If we would cooperate and collaborate more, recognizing the talents of others, we would be making ourselves as a group much stronger.

Guided by your inner voice you will go far and you will accomplish so much more.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?
I want people to listen to their inner voice, it is a gift that the Holy Spirit has given to all of us, using the spiritual eye. Be passionate about whatever you decide to do and do it with passion. Guided by your inner voice you will go far and you will accomplish so much more. That is the recipe. It doesn’t mean it is easy, all these other factors are intertwined, it doesn’t always work 100 %, but it is the best recipe for success and development I guess.

I also want to mention another venture that I am involved in, called A.R.T.E. in Papiamento means art. In this program, the goal of the services A.R.T.E. provides is to teach, compliment, upgrade or re-introduce the art and any other skills necessary to help the individual participate in the economic circle.  An inventory assessment is done with the individual to inventory where they are at in the skills set list needed to accomplish using their ART as an income asset.  Not all individuals that are financially challenged at the moment are without formal education. For a variety of reasons, they might be in their current situation. In conclusion, not all the persons participating in A.R.T.E. are at the same level, therefore the Inventory is of utmost importance. No discrimination is applied to any individuals, regardless of the entry-level all participants with an ART – can be a formal or informal entrepreneur. That is another way I contribute to the community.

Contact information
Mazeli – Consultants
Lisandra Z.M. Martis
Phone: 5999-5690175 | 5999- 6708016

One of the 250 Influencers of Curaçao

Lisandra Martis is a creative, multi-facetted, spiritually driven, passionate, curious, business entrepreneur (Owner Mazeli) and social entrepreneur, who is socially involved in lots of voluntary work. As president of Federashon Otrobanda, founder of A.R.T.E. she is offering multiple contributions to the society. Having a mother that installed on her children a mentality of service, has taught Lisandra at an early age to develop her communication skills – on top of her formal education – and also develop a deep commitment to serve. Lisandra considers her acquired multi-facetted knowledge and her talents as something that she should share and via her collaborative mindset, we expect her impact in the society to be ever growing. For all this, we deeply love and respect Lisandra, and we consider her one of the 250 influencers of the islands representing the business sector and the “not for profit”- sector, focusing on neighborhood development. Look at the list of the Influencers we have interviewed or reported on, up to now.

The goal of the core group of Share2Uplift for 2021

The goal of the Share2Uplift movement is to: “Identify 250 leaders from all walks of life to connect, align and create impactful changes in all walks of life, which includes intergenerational collaboration by the end of 2021.” We will use interviewing Influencers, meet-and-greet events, “train-the-trainers”-programs on “Emotional Mastery” and “Intentionality “as national intervention strategies, to reach this goal on top of our goal to scale up the possibilities to connect, align and create impact via a virtual platform. We believe that by collaborating with Miguel Goede on the virtual Vision 2030 platform, we will accelerate the possibilities to connect the diaspora and others elsewhere in the world and on the island willing to constructively create impactful changes in Curaçao, to join.

As Share2Uplift we are fully trying to align with this thinking of Center for Curriculum Redesign to promote this agenda in our educational systems and workplace. So, in that sense, we fully support any initiative to make our educational system 21st-century proof.

Share2Uplift aligners are those that:– Create an inspiring vision of the future;– Motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision;– Manage the delivery of the vision;– Coach and build a team, so that it is more effective at achieving the vision. These criteria are now being polished. We also consider these 5 values the most important ones for Share2Uplift aligners. They are:
• Peace from within;
• Compassion;
• Respectfulness;
• Integrity;
• Responsibility.

As we will progress towards this goal, we will update you on the progress.

Next MYM-platform session via Zoom

Our next MYM-platform session will be on the 15th of February (the 3rd Tuesday of the month) via Zoom, where we will present the next two chapters of the book “Think and Grow Rich” and the book “Radical Forgiveness”.

Think and Grow Rich
Chapters 13 and 14 of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ will be presented Sidayene Van Tys-Senora. This book has been called the “Granddaddy of All Motivational Literature.”

It was the first book to boldly ask, “What makes a winner?” The man who asked and listened for the answer, Napoleon Hill, is now counted in the top ranks of the world’s winners himself. The most famous of all teachers of success spent “a fortune and the better part of a lifetime of effort” to produce the “Law of Success” philosophy that forms the basis of his books and that is so powerfully summarized in this one. In the original Think and Grow Rich, published in 1937, Hill draws on stories of Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and other millionaires of his generation to illustrate his principles. In the updated version, Arthur R. Pell, Ph.D., a nationally known author, lecturer, and consultant in human resources management and an expert in applying Hill’s thought, deftly interweaves anecdotes of how contemporary millionaires and billionaires, such as Bill Gates, Mary Kay Ash, Dave Thomas, and Sir John Templeton, achieved their wealth. Outmoded or arcane terminology and examples are faithfully refreshed to preclude any stumbling blocks to a new generation of readers.

Radical Self-Forgiveness
The Direct Path to true self-Acceptance.  By Colin Tipping.How to Fully Accept Yourself―Just As You Are

Most of us have plenty of experience with self-blame and guilt―but we are often at a loss when it comes to forgiving ourselves. According to Colin Tipping, this is because our idea of forgiveness usually requires a victim and a perpetrator―which is impossible when we play both roles at the same time. Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness process allows us to navigate this dilemma for deep and lasting healing. To help us gain freedom from excessive inner criticism and self-sabotaging beliefs, he offers the Radical Self-Forgiveness book and companion audio program. Join Colin Tipping to learn his step-by-step methods for going beyond the level of self-judgment and recrimination to the deeper spiritual state in which true forgiveness occurs.

What’s “radical” about Colin Tipping’s approach to forgiveness? “It’s not about telling ourselves a new story about something that happened,” he says. “It’s about creating a profound shift at the spiritual level.” Based on his world-renowned forgiveness workshops, the Radical Self-Forgiveness book shares clear insights for resolving our deepest internal wounds using Tipping’s five-stage forgiveness process. The Radical Self-Forgiveness audio edition offers a toolbox of exercises, techniques, and guided practices designed to help us break the cycle of blame and victimhood―an empowering attitude that helps us fully embrace every experience.

Many of our fears, anxieties, and even physical health problems originate from the parts of us that we consider unforgiveable. Yet when we recognize that we are worthy of forgiveness―no matter who we are or what we have done―we gain access to the loving energy of spirit that can heal our deepest wounds. Used alone or in combination for an integrated practice, the Radical Self-Forgiveness book and audio program open the doorway to the freedom and inner peace that come from true self-acceptance.

Date: 15th of FebruaryTime: 7.00 – 9.00 PM
Entrance fee: Free

Subscribe by emailing us: and we will send you the Zoom link so that you can participate in our presentation of this book. 

New workshop of 15 weeks in Papiamentu on Emotions Personal Journey 11, starts in March 2022

Gran majoría di nos komo ser humano, ta pasando diariamente den un fluho konstante di diferente pensamentu i emoshonan. Esaki ta konta mas aún awor ku nos ta den e gara di COVID-19. Emoshon ta nos kompas interno. No tin emoshon malu ni bon, emoshonan tei pa guía. Nos tin ku atende ku nan i no neglishá, reprimí ni suprimí nan, pa nan no kausa efektonan negativo despues ku ta inesperá. Emoshonan por ta un insentivo pa nos desarojá e potenshal inlimitá ku kada un di nos tin komo persona.

Nos ke yudabo den desarojá esaki, dor di ofresé bo un “personal journey” di 15 siman: 
• maestría di bo emoshonan;
• kon di deshasí di emoshonan atrapá;• biba un bida mas intenshonalmente;
• skucha bo intuishon mas mihó pa asina bo por ta mas kreativo i
• kon di laga loke bo a sinja bira un kustumber i transformabo komo persona.

Tuma kontakto ku un di nos ku ta e 3 fasilitadornan pa inskribi for di tempran:
Haydee Hermans Soul Garden na telefón: 5639848. E-mail: soulgardenCuraç
O’dennis Daal Master Your Mind na telefón: 5130409. E-mail:
Ivan Kuster Uplifting BV na telefón: 6986437. E-mail: ivan@upliftingCuraç of

Personal Coaching tips

This week we will also share some short videos on ‘Otrobanda”, Opportunity gaps and Universal Basic Income. We will upload one of these videos every day on our page.

Opportunity Gap – YouTube

Location Carthagenastraat 18,Otrobanda – YouTube

What If… we gave everyone free money with UBI? | What If – YouTube

Universal Basic Income by Rutger Bregman – YouTube

Unique inner city development is being sustainably built in the heart of Amsterdam (SHORT VERSION) – YouTube

4. World Heritage City Otrobanda – YouTube

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