Influencer Sherlyne Eisden

Interview January 2018
Core group member of Share2Uplift
Sherlyne is a certified “Transformational’ Coach”, which means that her coaching is founded and based on the universal laws. As a coach, she considers her clients as being perfect beings and it is her task to help them see themselves as being perfect and to help them (re)discover themselves.

“Everything you need to succeed in this life you already possess. I am also a certified and registered Mediator and facilitator. I offer presentations and facilitate workshop on personal development, leadership and strategic planning. My goal is to enable people to see themselves as being perfect and that they are 100 % responsible for their lives and the circumstances where they live in. I firmly believe, that they possess the power and possibility to change any part of their lives that they want to improve, as they wish.

My biggest satisfaction as a coach is, when I literally in front of my eyes, see a transformational change manifest itself in my clients, because of a deep inner awareness of their true inner self and power. This usually happens in the first coaching session and it is an intense beautiful and grateful moment. The best results are achieved with clients that are open for the new and unknown, that belief in their limitless possibilities, and are determined to do the necessary work for their own personal development and growth.”

We asked Sherlyne on the origin of her company’s name “Share Coaching & Mediation”.
“The company name speaks for itself and originated in the beginning of 2016, to help others to become part of my life experiences, that are the result of my own (spiritual) life path. At the end of 2014, I rediscovered this path after two years of being seriously burn out. The beauty of life is, that we all are walking on more or less this same path, that will lead to self-fulfillment and self-realization. “Share” offers knowledge, skills and techniques to live the life you want to and that you were meant to live”. Sherlyne has learned to act and live from her strengths, and she experiences this as being very liberating, enlightened, satisfactory and it covers every aspect of her life. It is a continuous growth process and a way of life. She keeps herself as much as possible, up to par on the latest developments in coaching, leadership development, high performance studies, positive psychology, neuroscience, century old wisdom and spirituality. The beauty of all of this is, that the core message from these apparently different sources, is the same. For her client’s the programs and techniques that she offers are tested, proven and complete. The insights and changes that her clients can experience are sustainable.

As a coach, Serlyne meets different type’s of persons and there are different situations that she offers coaching to family, friends and colleagues. But those clients that look her up consciously are usually very advanced in their path to self-fulfillment, spirituality and/or have challenges in their life or experience stagnation, or they want to start their own company.

Session at Chit Chat Café with Sherlyne Eisden & Haydee Hermans

Sherlyne: “My coaching is primarily directed to make you immediately feel better, irrespective of what is happening in your life at that moment. From that point on the client can better evaluate their situation, create clarity over what they really want and what the next steps could be to reach that goal. I see my client as a perfect being and maintain the highest good of from them in my mind. I am non-judgmental, respectful, and I offer the client the liberty and freedom to be themselves and to draw their own conclusions and act accordingly.

The universal laws and how to successfully apply these on different aspects of one’s life like (relationships, money, work) are offered by Sherlyne in one day’s courses, and courses of 4 to 6 weeks (1 x week for two hours). For more information, contact Sherlyne at or Facebook:

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