Influencer Bianca Neman – Hóben Òn!

Interview June 2018

Initiator and driver of Hóben Òn! Bianca Neman (Be Advancement).

Hóben Òn! Musical 2nd edition on the 16th of June

Report: On the 16th of June there was 2nd edition of the seminar musical Hóben Òn!; We want to share HOW we experienced this event:

“It was really beyond our expectations in terms of organization, flow of the whole event, workshops, energy, talent shown and last but not least uplifting and inspiring content by all the participants”. 
The collaboration between Bianca Neman (be.advancement) and Excel Arts Academy enabling this event has grown deeper and deeper after their first collaboration in 2016.

The afternoon started with artist FireOn Pharon Pilgrim and as a surprise he was followed by the well known singer Aemy Feliz before Excel Arts Academy started with their part offering a varied show of dancing, singing, brass band and some sketches presented by actors of Excel and some of the first 14 youth, participating in the Hóben Òn! scholarship program at Excel. The central theme was that everybody deserves a Second Change.

We asked Bianca Neman what drives her to start and continue to offer the 2nd edition of the different phases of the Hóben Òn! program. Bianca shared with us, that she was inspired and focused enough during her youth to study and improve herself, by going to school in the evening hours and also she went to Holland to further improve herself knowledge and skills level. This, although her family circumstances were far from being ideal.

This helps her when she gives her workshop Life and Soft skills to the youth from schools and from different “Barrios”, that instead of being a victim she has surpassed those challenges and she has grown to be whom she is right now.

Bianca: “it is not unusual to noticed three things among some of our youth. They find it hard to:
1. mention one positive trait of themselves;
2. compliment one and another in the peer group and
3. accept 100 % responsibility of their choices”.

“Our approach is to trigger youth based on their interest in arts and culture, edutainment, to discover and to develop their passion and realize their dreams. This irrespective of the environment where they come from, just by accepting their own responsibility, they can gain greater mastery of the choices they make in their life”.

One example on how Hóben Òn! can enable youth is, Pharon Pilgrim the motivational speaker, composer and singer that opened the musical this year. (Pharon is also a baseball player on a scholarship in the USA and fashion designer) was asked what drives him? Having a clear purpose at the age of 20 year is remarkable, but it didn’t come easy for him. Having struggled at finding his purpose, he went to some great disappointments, like choosing to leave VWO 6th grade to go to HAVO 5th grade only to fail that exam. Deciding to do a gap (sabbatical) year after finishing his HAVO exams after all, as a promise to his parents and he gained some work experience and discovered that he was not meant to sit behind a desk most of the day; becoming the first finalist in the RYLA, the youth leadership program of Rotary in 2016 that transformed him, participating in Hóben Òn! in 2016 and finally ending up on scholarship on baseball at the North Central Missouri College in the USA. He sang the national anthem twice at his school in the meantime, becoming the NCMC outstanding student of the month May 2018, after developing his speaking and singing abilities while at times, in the past even speaking could be painful for him due to a physical ailment.

“Struggles to succeed are necessary to become successful”, Pharon told the attendees in his address to the attendees.

Both Bianca and Pharon are focused on “changing mindsets of our youth” by doing just that, they are 100 % aligned with the goals of Share2Uplift.

One of the 250 Influencers
Bianca is passionate about enabling the development of our youth via Hóben Òn! and in the near future she wants to start another big initiative and that is to connect and align educational organizations in their efforts, to improve the holistic education of our children, our youth including their parents on Curaçao. Pharon wants to use his ever-growing fame to inspire our youth and changed their mindsets and therefore the culture on Curaçao, but he also wants to become a world renowned fashion designer based from Curaçao.

Coverage of the event via of the live stream from Pure Quality Production (Presentation of initiator Bianca Neman and FireOn) and Æmy and Excel Arts Academy and more….

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