Rudolf de Wit

Interview April 2021

Could you tell us what has happened since we interviewed you in April 2020 with regards to your efforts to increase your efforts to educate people in Curaçao in what they eat?
Well last year April, I was on the brink of launching the project ‘Reset Life’. It is a platform where you can find lots of information aimed at enabling resilience in people and strengthening their immune system. I started this because, although we live in Curaçao and it is still a paradise here, there are yet so many things we can do to improve live here on the island.

What I am noticing is that the distrust towards each other, compared with the situation in the past, has grown; people live in fear nowadays. They don’t even greet each other anymore; we can now walk by people and don’t even acknowledge them. I was unsure how to correct this; that is when I decided that I would start with Reset Life and I am working on this every single day, tweaking and adapting, to set it up in a big way and offer people the opportunity to consciously work to change their lives. We have offered the first, second and third lessons of the course in the meantime. The course is educating people what exactly they are putting in their bodies and what the reactions (diseases) are they can expect, also related to the emotions that affect the body. The reactions and feedbacks of people have been encouraging. We even have people living in Holland now are giving us positive feedback.

Are you offering this for free?
Yes, we are offering this for free so to make it easily accessible. Yes, I firmly belief that I can gather enough support via advertisements to make it work and affordable to keep up doing the work. I am in this phase of my life that I want to give back to the community, as everything that I have now was given to me by this community. I believe people have the right to have a healthy life.

We are now in a second lockdown and do you expect that this second lockdown will affect the willingness of people to inform themselves and take better care of their health?
This would be the ideal situation, because of the lockdown people would have enough time to self-reflect and re-direct their lives, right? But a lot of the actions being taken are not understood by a lot of the people. I can understand the logic, but a lot of them don’t see it. This lock down has had a devastating effect on the backbone of our economy, for business owners that have either gone bankrupt or they feel that they are bankrupt. Maybe we have “copy paste” too much of what is happening elsewhere in the world and added some extra’s on it, making it a heavy burden. Why do some of our youth talk about suicide these days? They are giving up, they can’t understand this. Imagine that we were 18 and 19 years old again and we only just met our first girlfriend and we can’t meet each other…. This is an unreal scenario, isn’t it? So, this puts a lot of people in a position that they don’t listen to people that think that according to them “pretend to know it all” and “are telling them to eat better, live better etc”. These people are hungry, in need and they are not in the best of circumstances now to listen. My message still is though that now is the time to self-reflect and decide for yourself what is best to do. The Covid pandemic according to me, is an excellent moment to reset. It is an opportunity to think differently about things.

What are some of the obstacles that you are encountering to make people more aware of what they are eating? And how are you finding ways to overcome these obstacles?
First of all, they will always tell you that they don’t have the money to eat healthy. This is the first resistance being used as an argument. So I see my task to build a bridge so that they can see that I am trying to help them turn around those thoughts; healthy food isn’t more expensive, but junk food is much more cheaper. I will try to teach them that, what they eat should be an investment in their strength and health and not in their weakness, disability and disease. If your action is done in a wrong way, you will pay for this on the long run. My goal is to let them look at life differently.

Another obstacle is the relative ease that people can be influenced. I can educate them at my office, but the moment they ride back home in their car they will encounter so many big bill boards, loud screaming advertisements on TV and in newspapers enticing them to do the opposite of what I am trying to achieve. These other foods weaken their immune-system and this is as it seems sometimes an uphill battle…. but still a battle worth to fight.

But from the upside, we have a new government, and I am hopeful that they will implement a plan so that people can really reset their lives, based on another way to look at life as it is now, aimed at all ages from infants to the elderly.

What are some of the next steps that you are planning to do in the short, middle and long term and how can we as share2uplift help in your endeavors via “Connecting, aligning and enabling impactful collaborations”?
In the short term, I will continue with educational programs and hopeful that because of the Covid pandemic, there are a lot of changes on the way. In such a scenario we will be able to help people in the journey to re-direct their lives. In the long term, we still have so many ideas and plans to implement that can help people to improve their lives. We need to enable people to develop other things and have a more collaborative society where everybody is reaching out with a helping hand. We want to lift the veil to people so that they can better understand what is happening locally and internationally and what is the overall umbrella where all of this falls under. That is what I am aiming to achieve on the long run.

How can we help?
Keep me in the ‘Share2Uplift’ group. I’m just amazed how many great people work together to uplift others. I like and love the group that I met…. the passion,dedication and commitment…. Whauw!! Let’s Reset Life!

Contact info:
Rudolf E. de Wit, Physical Therapist / Acupuncturist / Natural Health Practitioner
Facebook: Support pa Bida / Support voor het Leven

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