Update Interview O’dennis Daal

Interview April 2021

Personnel Category: MFK - Embahada Kristian

Could you tell us what has happened since we interviewed you February 2018 with regards to your efforts to increase awareness among your clients and in Curaçao based on your work as a coach and trainer with your Company Name that says a lot “Master Your Mind?”
I kept working on introducing more people to a greater personal awareness through my private and business clients and I also kept doing “live”- Facebook interviews in my Master Your Mind Facebook program. In 2019, I decided to join Haydee Hermans (Soul garden Curaçao) and Ivan Kuster (Uplifting BV) in offering a new approach we called “Emoshon kiko e ta? Ki efekto e tin?” (Emotions what are they? And how does it affect us?). We concluded, that trapped emotions, was the fundamental reason why people acted in the way they acted without knowing that their driving force are their trapped emotions. So, we added emotional mastery to the self-awareness aspect that I kept offering. These trapped emotions, function like a thermostat that is being turned on and off when they are being triggered. This is influencing people big time. We started offering Personal Journey’s for 15 weeks aimed at making them on a deeper level self-aware of their emotions and offering them the opportunity to master and release these emotions and not suppress or repress them, as most of us are being conditioned, to do. Making them conscious of their sub conscious programs that are not beneficial for their own sake. By offering them an opportunity to reprogram these disempowering beliefs and programs that in the end helps influence their behavior, so that they come to live more intentionally. Releasing trapped emotions affects their cognitive abilities, their creativity, decision-making, quality of their relationships and their mental and physical health in a positive way.

We have come to learn that by releasing of trapped emotions, participants in the 15 week’s journey start flowing better in all aspects of their lives and start flowing more in alignment with their life’s purpose. Of course, I continued on my quest for more personal development, which is a promised I made to myself, to keep on growing, keep on learning and be able to help other people.

How has the Covid-pandemic affected your business?
I personally was affected by the Covid pandemic. I have noticed that people became more critical because they wanted to protect themselves, which is understandable. I work a lot in One-on-One “live”- sessions and some clients in these times didn’t want to do this. So, the amount of sessions lowered and some of my corporate clients stopped projects that is was involved in, others closed their doors and basically are not offering training to their employees. This affected my business for sure forcing me to become creative and offering the same content in a different “on-line” way. But this is very impersonal, some even compare on-line coaching like it is a YouTube channel that they are following. They feel that it is different, not having the necessary personal connection. All these factors have affected my business, but I don’t see it as a stop, but an incentive to become more creative, stay optimistic and look for other alternative ways to offer my services. This has also been an interesting year as I decided to step into the world of politics and in that sense expand my circle of influence and be better able to contribute on a larger platform. I came to realize that the issues we have as a country were being dealt with on a much too general and too superficial way. I decided to join the political arena to create awareness to address our challenges with lot more depth.

What are some of the obstacles that you are encountering to make people more aware of the importance of having a healthy life style?
People have the tendency to see, that what has triggered the manifestation of their problems as the problem. They don’t see it as an awakening moment. They analyze a problem and see these external circumstances as the cause of their problems. They don’t analyze deeper to understand that the seeds they have planted is causing their problems or that their own personal dis-balances on a personal level causing the problem that is manifesting itself. All of this with the intention to increase their level of consciousness and to enable them to develop themselves and grow as human beings.

So, people constantly stay in the “blame game” and they are constantly seeing themselves as the “victims of the circumstances”, without really understanding what their feelings or emotions are trying to communicate to them. These feelings and emotions might be saying to them, that they have planted the wrong seeds or that they are running off track from their real purpose in life and that they are blaming the messenger and don’t understand the message that is communicated to them. The feeling or emotion is basically trying to communicate to them. Their interpretation of their emotions is the opposite. Instead of “Victims” they miss the mark of becoming the “Victor”. It is telling them:

• What actions they need to take and that they should take their own responsibility;

• To undertake the necessary actions that will result in outcomes that inspire them instead of expiring them;

• To become less sympathetic towards other people but become more empathic towards other people;

• To go from un-elevated emotional states, into more elevated emotional states;

• To do the opposite of what you are doing, to reach another level of alignment with their life purpose and flow and to regain their life balance and inner peace. Often this means that people need to take their own responsibility.

How are you finding ways to overcome these obstacles?
What really helps is, at times literally, put a mirror to people to look in and ask them clarifying questions. These clarifying questions can lead to self-discovery. This self-discovery is part of self-growth, and it is the moment this person accepts responsibility that I can choose to be part of the solution. My life partner has come in my life to help me heal wounds from my childhood. So once a person has become more self-aware by asking them questions, this person becomes more willing to accept that they need to change. But willingness to change is not the same as being determined to change. In our culture, people are still in the mode to ask me as a coach: “What do I do now? What do I need to do?”

Especially in the beginning we need e helping hand to find a creative way and see the same situation as an opportunity to enhance our quality of life. So, in this sense I am so happy that I am a Life Coach and that I can help them to become self-aware and also give them a helping hand if they decide to change. I will guide them to not only “go through situations”, but “to grow through situations”.

What are some of the next steps that you are planning to do in the short and long term and how can we as Share2Uplift help in your endeavors via “Connecting, aligning and enabling impactful collaborations”.
As we are still in the lock down now, as we speak (the midst April 2021), a lot more will need to happen on-line. It is still unclear when we could start having “live”- sessions again. This is bringing me to the point to offer in the short term and long term what I have as “on-line products” via a platform we are considering to work with. This is for all those whom are highly interested, so that they can buy these on-line products at a reasonable price, while it also helps people getting the right tools to fit their necessity and this will also generate new income.

At the other hand the situation also forces me to look for more creative ways to multiple my sources and it has lead me change my business model.

What Share2Uplift offers that I really appreciate is, through for example book presentations but also via other ways and means the drive to continuously look for new insights, helping to keep our knowledge and skills level “up to par” and triggering our creativity, so that I can make a bigger impact on my clients, Curaçao and in the world at large. Furthermore, I think that we should break down the 15 weeks “Emoshon kiko e ta? Ki efekto e tin?” workshops in smaller bites and made teasers accordingly because I firmly believe that what we offer is essential that could make or break people and their impact in our society. In this, I see the collaboration with Share2Uplift so that we can continue to have an innovative and creative impact in our society.

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