Jamir Barton

JBF Consultancy Wealth Management was established on May 31, 2013 by Mr. Jamir Barton his Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

At JBF Consultancy Wealth Management we believe in actively working and collaborating with our clients to create and expand their wealth; with the ultimate goal of adding economic and sustainable value to the client’s financial stability.

By applying our personal and professional experience, we can transform both the desired wealth and financial goals of our clients in a tailor-made fashion into reality.
Mr. Barton has over 10 years working experience in both Public and Private sector, taking also into consideration the small to large scale enterprises.

His practice spans over various financial management positions, from auditing, financial expertise, coaching/trainer, concept developer and project management.

The core values that we highlight, when we engage in new challenges and throughout the decision- making process, are integrity, honesty, collaboration, commitment, creativity, communication, quality and uniqueness.

“Our motto is all about working in collaboration and
building sustainable wealth for us and the next generation”

Jamir Barton


Jamir Barton – Owner and CEO  of JBF Consultancy
Connect: Jamir@share2uplift.org
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamir-barton

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