Geomaly Martes

Geomaly Martes is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker. He offers coaching, workshops, seminars and keynote speaking, supporting your professional and personal growth through practical application of John’s proven leadership methods.

As President of the Board of Directors of the foundation of government auditors and advisors, based in Curaçao, he has more than 25 years of experience working as an advisor to government executives and officials in different countries in the Caribbean and the Netherlands as well as non-profit organizations. Heading the mentioned organization of government auditors and advisors, he guided the growth of this firm from a staff of 20 to a full developed 90 + team. This experience gives him a unique understanding of the needs of modern organizations and their staff and of their desire to exceed the expectations of their clients and professionals.

His goal is to educate and train people and organizations to release their potential, increase their performance and fulfill their purpose in life. He wants to help people become influential leaders within their family, organization and society. He likes to help people reach their purpose and goals through an intentional plan of development. Working together, can facilitate positive and profitable change, improve productivity and create the culture that is necessary for effective leadership. He is ready to assist you on your journey to becoming a successful leader.

Workshops themes:
Sidney and Geomaly will focus on John Maxwells “The 5 levels of leadership, proven steps to maximize your potential”. In each workshop they facilitate,  they will approach the subject matter from a different angle and with different practical examples.

Day and time
Friday  27th November 2015: 15.45 – 17.15 PM
Saturday 28th November 2015: 13.30 – 14.45 PM

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