Ivan Kuster

Ivan is the CEO of Uplifting, a company providing coaching services to ethical leaders in all walks of life and in all areas of life. He has been a civil servant at the governments of Curaçao for 34 years, of which 26 years as the ultimate responsible and highest civil servant in rank at the Ministry of Finance. He knows government and he has experienced highs and lows in periods of great transformational changes e.g. constitutional changes. Dealing with ever changing Commissioners or Ministers with different levels of competencies and political colors taught him flexibility, resilience and deepened his morality. Ivan learned to always look for the smallest common denominator and based on that exert influence on whatever subject matter, that was relevant at the time. He’s a possibility thinker and beliefs that you create your own reality and therefore are the master of your faith. He always looked for ways to connect dots to create greater support for ideas and proposals he considered worthwhile for the greater good of all. He has become over the years very experienced in managing stress. He discovered through applying a people managers style, his increasing passion and ability to coach people to regain and maintain their life balance.

Workshops themes: What you believe becomes your reality
By changing your perceptions, you will improve your attitudes and behaviors into more productive ones, and therefore improve your quality of life. Sherlyne, O’dennis and Ivan have teamed up to develop this workshop. Attend the workshop given by them and learn the science of having it all.

Based on a clear and SMART expressing of your wants/goals/desires, and your ‘inspired’ actions, they will teach you:

  • Methods to better manage your thoughts, emotions and feelings;
  • How to reprogram your dis-empowering beliefs and perceptions;
  • How to achieve the required behavioral changes, through a combination of affirmations, visualizations and processes through spaced repetition and belief modification techniques. All is aimed towards enhancing the quality of your life.

During this workshop you will be able to experience one of the behavioral change technique shared.

Day and time
Friday  27th November 2015: 13.30 – 15.30 PM

For registration please sent an E-mail to korra@share2uplift.org. Please fill in the name of the speaker, day and timeslot.

About Uplifting
Uplifting BV is a company providing coaching services to ethical leaders in all walks of life and in all areas of life.  At the country level, Uplifting works continuously at the improvement of the governance of institutions through the promotion of value based education. Uplifting also connects people with the same beliefs and intentions to achieve greater synergy. In Uplifting we belief we rise by lifting others!

Company Website: UpliftingCuracao.com


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