Josephine Bakhuis

Mrs. Josephine Bakhuis LLM is the director of Reach Up Life coaching and Training Institute. She is a motivational speaker and trainer. She is the founder and president of several social and religious organizations. Since 1979 till now she is involved in giving direction to persons with emotional, psychological, social and spiritual problems, crisis intervention activities, personal and family counseling and leadership training of youngsters.
She has been an attorney at law ( 1975 -1983 ), a member of the Island Council of Curaçao  (1999-2003 ) and an advisor to government over the years e.g. as special advisor to the prime minster office and the minister of Justice and the Minster of Family and Humanitarian Affairs and the commissioner of Tourism and Economic Affairs. She is also a board member of the International Third World Leaders Association, an organization dedicated to training and developing leaders in over 80 developing nations.

Her leadership training methods are mostly based on or derived from the principles and teachings of Dr. Miles Munroe. Elements of these methods are:

  • Changing followers into leaders,
  • The power of authority/Submission to authority,
  • The right environment for growth,
  • The power of self management and moral standards,
  • The power of hardships, if no risks are taken, no change will be experienced,
  • Vision and succession, a vision is greater than the leader and does not relate to only one generation. Success is no success without a successor. Our success must be able to outlive us. Every generation has its role to play in the accomplishment of a vision. An effective leader identifies and prepares the next generations to continue in his footsteps and passes the baton to his successors,
  • Transformational Kingdom leadership, in displaying true leadership we will be able to maximize our potential and use our gifts and talents to transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change.

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Workshop themes
– Mentorship and succession in ethical leadership:
– The power of moral standards in Leadership.

About Reach up Life coaching and Training institute
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Day and time
Friday  27th November 2015: 15.45 – 17.15 PM
Saturday 28th November 2015: 15.05 – 16.30 PM

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