Ramfis Kolfin

Ramfis was born in Aruba, educated & graduated since 1972 as Mechanical Engineer – has worked for top companies (locally and abroad) on a Leadership level for a period of over 30 years and as an active motivational , he currently consults with businesses and organizations all over the world for success in today’s workplace. Ramfis acts as a catalyst for individual and group growth and provides inspiring leadership. He finds potential in everyone and wants to help others fulfill their potential. He therefore believes in bringing people back to the spirit by helping them to use their spiritual and emotional muscle, instead of just their intellectual muscle alone as change starts from the inside out and leadership from the Bottom Up. Ramfis believes in getting to the core of the problems that lie within the spirit stating: ‘When I fix the spirit that was first distracted, it will properly drive the soul and body of that person, team and/or company more powerfully than it ever did before.’

Plenary : Bosses – good, bad and ugly

Workshop: No decision making…, no integrity
To be successful in what you do, you need to work with people and love them. Ramfis teaches how to do that. During his training sessions he empowers leaders, enlarges their spirits and helps them become better human beings. Many bosses just tolerate the people they manage. Ramfis teaches Frontline and Senior leaders how to really lead by truly tapping out of their emotional and spiritual energy. People simply do not care how much their boss knows, until they know how much he cares. For them..!

Day and time
Saturday 28th November:  08.45 – 10.45 PM Plenary Session
Saturday 28th November 2015: 15.05 – 16.30 PM

For registration please sent an E-mail to korra@share2uplift.org. Please fill in the name of the speaker, day and timeslot.

About Transformational Leadership
Ramfis will introduce and train your company or team to achieve a leadership style that will produce Effective Followers who:

  • Can manage themselves well by seeing themselves as equal to the leader they follow
  • Will build on their strengths by seeking extra works and responsibilities to stretch themselves
  • Take risks by being credible, honest and courageous enough to admit to their own mistakes
  • Are committed to working towards the purpose, principles and values of their company
  • Have the insight and candidness to keep their leaders well informed and up to date.

Website: ramfiskolfin.com/

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