Miguel Goede

Miguel Goede is a scientist, strategist, author, radio talk show host and a management consultant. He’s also a trendwatcher and a philosopher. Miguel’s area of research is Good Governance for Sustainable Development of Globalizing Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Caribbean. His speciality is to coach governments and organizations to learn modern tools, innovative processes and how to work on a global level and by doing this adjust to the society 3.0. Miguel is the founder of University of Governance 3.0. He has written three different books on this subject matter, Curaçao 3.0; Caribbean 3.0 and Mindset 3.0.

Webinar theme 26th May
Curaçao 3.0 Leadership and mindsets of the 21st century.
During his presentation Miguel will highlight
on this 3.0 notion, as a methaphor to upgrade our society comparable with
the upgrade of the software on your smartphone computer. He will also
explain that given the Information situation we are in, change becomes
inevitable. Once we establish that, this is a very important step to take.
So to stay in control of our lives and environment, he will end his
presentation with some suggestions and tips on how to get a ‘3.0 mindset’.

Webinar theme 27th May
How technology changes education.
His presentation will be on how technology has impacted almost every aspect of life today. Education is no exception. Today, massive amounts of information (books, audio, images, videos) are available at one’s fingertips through the Internet.
Miguel Goede explains how technology is a powerful tool that can support and transform education in many ways also on Curaçao.

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Website: Miguelgoede.com
E-mail: mpgoede@gmail.com
Phone: (5999) 5616853
Skype: miguelgoede
Linkedin.com: Linkedin.com/in/miguelgoede
Facebook: Facebook.com/groups/Caribbean3.0

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