Share2Uplift Webinars

With these webinar series, we offer you the opportunity to watch our Share2Uplift leadership webinar series 2016 for FREE. These online seminars will take about 40 minutes. This includes a live video chat with the speaker when we took presented these webinars. We believe that these Share2Uplift webinars will help you get a greater understanding of current leadership challenges.


webinar speakers 2016

Watch the recording of these 4 Webinar series of May 2016 with the theme: Personal Leadership, mindset of the 21st century.


Theme: From wheelchair to entrepreneur. With Andy Kirchner.

Theme: Science of Mind and Behavior, some practical tips. With Renske Pin.

Theme: Curaçao 3.0 Leadership and mindsets of the 21st century. With Miguel Goede.

Theme: How technology changes education. With Miguel Goede.

Soon we will start with a new serie.

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