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Webinar May 15th
Register now. Fee: 25 Naf. Contact us for more information and registration.

Past webinars
Watch our Share2Uplift leadership webinar series 2016 for FREE. These online seminars will take about 40 minutes. This includes a live video chat with the speaker when we took presented these webinars. We believe that these Share2Uplift webinars will help you get a greater understanding of current leadership challenges.


webinar speakers 2016

Watch the recording of these 4 Webinar series of May 2016 with the theme: Personal Leadership, mindset of the 21st century.

Theme: From wheelchair to entrepreneur. With Andy Kirchner.

Theme: Science of Mind and Behavior, some practical tips. With Renske Pin.

Theme: Curaçao 3.0 Leadership and mindsets of the 21st century. With Miguel Goede.

Theme: How technology changes education. With Miguel Goede.

Soon we will start with a new serie.

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